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A training program to inspire, influence, motivate

Article by Warehouse

Chlaydoscope team started working at the design of the training program which will allow youth community leaders to effectively perform in their role.

Here the Warehouse hub and TAATO teams, in the process to develop the Module: Inspire, Influence, Motivate

Youth Community leaders will learn topics methodologies and tools useful to inspire positive changes and  empower those around them to work toward common objectives.

The CHLaYdoscoper Training Program, which will be developed under the Project Result 2 , guided by Warehouse hub, will be tested with 60 European youths in the process of being selected by Partners organization.

The Chlaydoscope Project aims at supporting the development of Community-based youth leadership through an innovative mentorship and non-formal education program designed and delivered by experienced European Creative Hub Leaders and Organizations working with youths who are partners in this project.

This project is an opportunity to gather knowledge, experiences, competences, methodologies, and tools belonging to the Partner organizations and to transfer these assets to a new generation of community-based youth leaders to be applied to deal with new challenges.

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