Advisory Group

Meet our advisory group! Creative hubs managers, youth leaders and trainers who have developed previous experiences in community leadership and that will support our partnership in the journey to design the profiles, trainings and actions for the Chlaydoscope leaders of the future!”
I am Lucia Campolucci. I am 23 and I live in Senigallia (Italy, Ancona). I have a degree in Economics and Commerce from “Università Politecnica delle Marche” and I am currently attending a master's degree in Strategy and Business Management at Istao in Ancona. I am a community animator for the Policoro project, which aims to promote a good work culture among young people and to support them in their orientation towards the future and the development of their business ideas. I am a promoter of the 'Casa della Gioventù', a youth centre in Senigallia, where together with other volunteers we organise leisure and educational events to encourage young people to meet and grow. I am part of “The Economy of Francesco”, which is an international movement of young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers engaged in a process of inclusive dialogue and young, vibrant, global change, moving towards a new economy. I actively participate in the Marche Hub.
I’m bachelor’s in economics and Im master’s degrees in Management for Social Economy at the University of Bologna. I got a master’s in Governance and Local Welfare Innovation. I am a freelance consultant and researcher in the field of social innovation management system and social impact assessment, and I work with some third sector organizations (cooperative organizations, social enterprise) on these topics. I collaborate with Aiccon, the Study and Research Center of the University of Bologna, where I’m doing research about the social innovation, social impacts and their assessment. As a freelance consultant, now I’m working on social impact assessment as a tool for both accountability and for design and service design. I believe in social impact assessment as a tool for service design, stakeholder engagement and as an engine for social change in local communities. I write on the Pandora newspaper about social and civil economy. I like math, in particular the theory of game, and I love to read Saramago books in my spare time.
My name is Marta and I’m a 23-year-old Italian student in Modern Languages and Interculturality. Socio-cultural diversity is my passion and my Spain Erasmus experience, along with other abroad adventures, was fundamental to becoming aware of my cross-cultural skills such as empathy and adaptability. I volunteer in a small youth community focused on events organization, team-working, and creative activities devoted to my town's young citizens in the Marche region. What I most value in a work or project environment is sincere, challenging, and inspirational collaboration between different people who share the desire to learn and improve themselves. I also love traveling, dancing, and eating pizza while watching sunsets on the beach!
Councilor of a small town in the province of Matera. For over 10 years I have been dealing with youth policies in the internal areas of Basilicata, involving young people and increasing awareness of the youth situation in Basilicata. With the Lucanian Generation Association we speak with institutions to renew youth policies in Basilicata. My role is to bring the point of view of a policy maker to an area with a high rate of depopulation and unemployment.
Irena has more than 10 years of experience in the field of youth work. In recent years, she has been actively involved in many projects on the national and international level. Because she went through the process from volunteer first to project coordinator she has a broader view on this sector. Her exposed experiences are: organizational and logistical support, preparing and leading workshops, administrative support and assistance in writing application forms. Her main work has been focused on international projects in the framework of youth exchanges (writing application, implementation, evaluation and reporting) but lately also as an expert associate support to the project manager on a national level project funded by the European social fund. Irena also regularly attends various national and international seminars and youth work trainings to gain more knowledge and competences. Her greatest contribution is empathy, a personal approach to young people and highly developed social skills.
Creative Hub Director and Community Manager. I am co-founder, Director and Community Manager at Warehouse Hub, a Creative hub with a vibrant community of independent professionals and small businesses drawn together by the benefits of smart networking and open innovation. Since 2013 Warehouse hub offers a fluid and diverse ecosystem where individuals, local stakeholders and international partners build relationships, exchange ideas, and collaborate on social impact-oriented projects. As hub director and community manager I am responsible to develop the success of our community members and I cultivate the community capacity to co-design projects and services which respond to local context needs. I became on the job, an enthusiastic connoisseur and experimenter of collaborative governance, collaborative workspace design and value-based collaborative approaches. I dedicate my competences to increase Warehouse hub prominence both in the local context and at European level, engaging with Universities, Local Authorities, Organizations and fellow Creative hubs for innovative projects. By fostering collective intelligence among different talents, I contribute to innovative projects in the following sectors: entrepreneurship education; creative and cultural projects; social innovation projects. In particular, In the past 9 years I have been experimenting a lot, in collaboration with local stakeholders in the field of youth employment and youth entrepreneurship and in the design of innovative non-formal education and mentoring programs, for the development of transversal competencies in youths, tackling this way the severe problem of youth unemployment in the Italian Region (Marche) where Warehouse hub operates. These practices, thanks to the active participation of Warehouse Hub in international network, such as the European Creative Hub network, had a European and International outreach.
I’m Carolina Mancini, I’m 27 and I live in Jesi (Ancona, Italy). My interest in community development started during the last two years of university when I studied Visual art and Curatorial studies at Naba - nuova accademia delle belle arti, Milano. Here I got in touch with different learnings about roles and possibilities of culture, institutional and non-institutional assets and their meaning for projects and people. Now I work both in institutional - public administration or well known for-non-profit sector associations - and non-institutional context - like independent festivals or self management and free projects in public spaces. Even if these two contexts are really different, I find interesting mixing practices and components: I take care of shared and listening processes based on desires and on needs in order to build a project. I also manage the press office and the communication. The thing I love the most of this job is linking people, places, abilities, desires, difficulties and compose a new multidisciplinary net to reach the goal.
Mariana is working with youth projects since she was 17 years old, mainly in sports-related areas. She has a degree in Sports Science at the Faculty of Human Kinetics in Lisbon, where she lived and worked for 6 years. Currently, she’s coordinating the GenerationXXI programme – a local youth programme in partnership with a local authority. She also teaches dance classes, with the approach to young people that this brings, she tries to bring new approaches into supporting the development of active and responsible young adults in the local community.

Ezgi graduated in Public Relations and Advertising at Istanbul University. After graduation, her path crossed with youth work & non-formal education. She had the chance to involve in several Erasmus+ projects and gain experience by working on European Solidarity Corps projects in Bodrum Dance Club, Youth, Culture and Art Centre. She’s motivated to work with youngsters and wants to improve her practical skills in youth work area. She’s currently doing her volunteering in DYPALL Network by helping and supporting the ESC Team.