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Competency Profile of Youth Community Leader

The Competence Profile for Youth Community Leaders is the first result of CHLaYdoscope project designed by DYPALL Network in collaboration with the partnership. It is a structured framework designed to equip young individuals with the essential skills and attributes required to lead and drive positive change within their communities. It acts as a roadmap for personal and professional development, offering a clear understanding of what it takes to be an effective youth community leader.

The Competence Profile for Youth Community Leaders encompasses a wide range of competencies, it is constructed through a collaborative process, drawing from research, partner experience, and the insights of youth participants, who actively contributed to defining what community-based leadership means, incorporating their personal and cultural values into the framework.

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Training Package for Youth Community Leaders

The Training Package for Youth Community Leaders, developed by Warehouse in collaboration with the partnership, is a comprehensive resource designed to equip Youth Community Leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive innovation and positive change within their communities. This package is structured into two key components:

1. Empowering Youth Community Leaders (YCLs): The first segment of the Training Package focuses on nurturing the skills and competencies outlined in the Competence Profile for Youth Community Leaders. It offers modules and tools that address crucial skills, essential for effective community-based leadership, allowing young leaders to make a tangible impact on their communities. Through these modules, YCLs gain the expertise and confidence to take on leadership roles and tackle the challenges their communities face.

2. Conducting Local Labs: The second part of the Training Package provides guidance to Youth Community Leaders on how to conduct Local Labs effectively. This process is at the heart of community-based innovation and is an essential skill for YCLs. It includes a step-by-step guide and methodologies for Local Labs. These labs are where YCLs collaborate with multi-stakeholders to co-design solutions for community issues. This process ensures that the ideas and innovations generated are not only practical but also well-suited to the unique needs of the community.

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