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Chlaydoscope 2nd Transnational Project Meeting

Article by Dypall

On the 19th-20th of September 2022, the European Creative Hubs Network hosted and organized the 2nd transnational partners meeting of the “CHLaYdoscope – Creative Hub Leaders developing community-based youth leadership” project in Athens, Greece.

During this meeting, DYPALL Network had the opportunity to present the results of the participatory process that engaged young people, youth leaders, youth workers, and community hub managers from 5 countries to design the first project result (PR1), a competencies profile for youth community leaders.

For PR1, DYPALL Network conducted research to lay the foundation for developing the competence profile methodology and explored the youth leadership concept. The creation of the advisory group ensured good understanding between the partners, frequent feedback, and recommendations throughout the development of PR1. After conducting the desk research and gathering the most important competencies composed of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, the survey was disseminated among partners to understand the importance of the relevant competencies better. Following the survey’s closing, partners organized focus groups to analyze the survey results and develop the profile of youth community leaders. DYPALL Network led the process of comparing the survey and focus group results, after which the final profile of 9 categories of competencies for a young community leader was made.

The profile will be the basis for the Training Package for Youth Community Leaders, the second Chlaydoscope project result. During our meeting in Athens, partners started the process of mapping methodologies and tools needed to develop the Training.

The project is led by Materahub (Italy) in cooperation with DYPALL Network, Generazione Lucana (Italy), Warehouse Hub (Italy), ECHN (Greece), PiNA (Slovenia) and the Artist and the Others (The Netherlands). It is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme: Cooperation partnerships in youth with the support of the Italian national agency.

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